The best places to eat in Paris (this time from a true expert)

Ok so I’ve gone missing for a while because of my stint at epicure magazine (more on that later), but this post is courtesy of my dear friend Samarth who grew up in Paris and is the expert in all things Parisian.

Samarth generously decided to pass his ‘little black book’ of restaurants to me (what a great present!), so here it is.  Let’s share the love!  :)


Chez la Vieille – Adrienne (French)
Great hidden French restaurant off Rue de Rivoli. Their menu constantly changes but the lamb shoulder with thyme and garlic is to die for! The service is very personalized and they have a great selection of wine to go with each dish. Around €30-40 an evening.


Bistro Les Petits Carreaux (French) – 17 Rue des Petits Carreaux
Great French restaurant. They have amazing confit de canard and lamb shoulder. Also, their dessert menu is wonderful, especially the tarte tatin and profiteroles. Around €25-30 an evening.

Chez Mémé (French) – 124 Rue Saint-Denis
Really well decorated French restaurant (with small plants, trains, lots of other fun decorations). Their specialty is Bone Marrow and overall the food is great! Wine selection is good, though on the expensive side. Around €40 an evening.

Hokkaido (Japanese) – 14 Rue Chabanais
Great Japanese bento food! The yakisoba is amazing! The queue is a bit long in the evenings, but worth the wait ;) Around €20.


La Bousole (French) – 12 Rue Guisarde
Great fusion restaurant (mainly food from France and North Africa). The tajine of aubergine, tomato, and pesto is succulent and the Roasted Chicken Leg with Rice is delicious. As for their dessert, I would definitely stick with the moelleux au chocolat. Around €30 an evening.

Da Rosa (French) – 62 Rue de Seine
Great place for wine and cheese (romantic place, great for couples). Salads are really nice also. Around €20-€30 an evening.

Au Père Louis (French) – 38 Rue Monsieur le Prince
Wonderful South-Western French restaurant with an unique ambiance. The pork leg, confit de canard, and lamb shoulder are great. The wine list is also exhaustive. The staff are really friendly. Around €30 an evening.


La Fontaine de Mars (French) - 120 Rue Saint-Dominique
French restaurant, known as the Obama restaurant (Obama ate there the last time he was in Paris). The decor is very nice and the food is authentic french. Ile Flotant ‘Fontaine de Mars’ is the best dessert. Around €60 an evening.

Le Vin de Belchasse (French) – 20 Rue de Belchasse
French restaurant with great meat dishes. The wine is also excellent. Around €30 an evening.


L’Orient d’Or (Chinese) - 22 Rue de Trévise
The BEST Chinese restaurant in Paris! Their chef is from Hunan province (one of the top 2 spiciest cuisine’s in China along with Szechuan) and it feels like you are actually eating in China itself (see the number of Chinese people that come and visit the restaurant)! I would go with their spicy fresh cucumber salad to start with, follow it up with their spicy sizzling lamb and some really tasty cabbage to moderate the spicy food! (for wine lovers, choose the brouilly as it will help with the spiciness!). Around €30 an evening.

J’Go (French) – 4 Rue Drouot
Typical South-Western France restaurant with a great ambiance. The selection of wine is exceptional (well that’s given since the restaurant is from a place near Bordeaux!). The meat (pork and lamb) go really well with the wine and best part is that the service is one of the best in Paris, so the staff really help you with choosing the wine depending on your food and mood. Around €20-40 an evening.


Blue Elephant (Thai) - 43 Rue de la Roquette
Really nice Thai restaurant. The decor is amazing! (feels like you are in Thailand). Best to go for Sunday brunch, they have a lot of variety to choose from. Around €40 for an evening/brunch.


Le Parc aux Cerfs (French) – 50 Rue Vavin
French restaurant located in the artistic part of Paris. Really good restaurant for meat lovers, especially for their pork dish. The highlight, though, has to be the table tops: they have drawing paper and you get crayons with which you can draw whatever you feel like while having dinner! Around €50 an evening.


Punjab Palace (Indian) – 299 Rue Lecourbe
The most original Indian restaurant in Paris (I have been going there for the past 18 years that I have been here!). Their Butter Chicken is the best there is in the world, along with their Madrasi Lamb. Around €30 an evening.


Tokyo Eat (French/Japanese fusion) - 13 Avenue du Président Wilson
Fusion restaurant (mainly French and Japanese), located at Palais de Tokyo with a view of the glittering Eiffel Tower in the evenings. The menu changes every 6 months or so but in general has good variety and good food. Around €30 an evening.

Shabestan (Iranian) - 38 Avenue de Versailles
Best Iranian in town! The kebabs are amazing and it even has original signature Iranian dishes such as Fessendjan and Ghormeh Sabzi. The Iranian Ice-Cream is one of the best desserts I have ever had! Around €40 an evening.


L’Afghani (Afghanistan) - 16 Rue Paul Albert
If you have ever wondered where to eat food from Afghanistan in Paris, there is no better place than l’Afgani. Located near Sacre Coeur, this simple restaurant serves authentic Afghani food. Start with the Aubergine Caviar and then get the Lamb Shoulder Kebabs for the main. Around €30 an evening.


Mama Shelter (French) - 109 Rue de Bagnolet
Located a bit far away from the Paris city center (North East Paris) but the food and ambiance are unique. The restaurant even becomes a dance floor later in the evening for party people. Around €40 an evening.

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